Nioh: 3 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Buy The Game

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Nioh: 3 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Buy The Game

The developers behind Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden are releasing a new hack-and-slash game this February 9 on PS4, Nioh.

Gamers have been eager to get their hands on Nioh since its announcement back in 2004. Alpha and Beta tests for the game have been made available this year and many have been comparing the title to FromSoftware’s Dark Souls games due to its similar gameplay and brutal difficulty. There is a lot more reasons why players should be excited for Nioh and here are three reasons:

Not A Dark Souls Clone

The game features a few similarities that are akin to the Souls series. For starters, the game is not a full-on action title. Players need to be patient as one wrong move could mean the end. The difficulty level of the game is also similar to that of the Souls series. One difference it has, though, is that its story will be a main part of the game. In contrast, the Souls series rely heavily on lore only.

More Than Just Turtling

The game’s main character, William Adams, will be able to wield a lot of weapons from Japan’s feudal era. This includes Katana and Naginatas. Aside from the variety of weapons, Adams has various stances that dictate how he moves in battle. The game is ideal for fast-paced strikers, as well as those that are more calculated and those that rely on counterattacks. But at most times, players will be forced to change their stances depending on the enemy.

Setting And Foes

Aside from impressive visuals, Nioh also sports cool settings. The game will be set during the Warring States Era in Japan. Adams would not be facing human enemies all the time, as he will have to fend against Yokai or demons from time to time.

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