‘Train To Busan’ 2: Gong Yoo Lives! Possible Plot from Zombie’s Perspective

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‘Train To Busan’ 2: Gong Yoo Lives! Possible Plot from Zombie's Perspective?

Train To Busan has been a big hit across the globe. Thus, fans are surely delighted with the recent announcement of a sequel for the movie. However, the question is, what could be the plot of the movie’s next instalment?

The zombie-film star Gong Yoo took it to Twitter on Wednesday to announce that “there will be a sequel of Train To Busan.” It immediately excited the fans as they now look forward to the release of the sequel. But, it can be recalled that Yoo’s character, Seok-Woo, died in the latter part of the movie. So, who can take the lead role if he is dead.

Earlier this month, Sports Chosun had the chance to talk to Yoo. The actor told the publication that he has already discussed the idea of his character appearing in the sequel to the director of the film.

“I talked about this with Yeon Sang-Ho. I said I thought my character Seok-Woo might be living somewhere as a zombie,” said the 37-year-old Korean actor. “But, director Yeon said that when Seok-Woo fell off the train, he broke his neck and died,” he continued.

Through this interview, it is safe to assume that Yoo’s character is not going to take the lead role in Train To Busan 2. But, since he has recently announced the sequel on his social media account, there is a possibility that he finally made the director agree with him.

If that would be the case, then the plot of the instalment will focus on a zombie perspective. However, these are just speculations based on Yoo’s announcement on Twitter. Nothing is yet confirmed by the director and the production team so take this information with a grain of salt.

There is also a chance that Ma Dong Seok’s character will take the main role. Yoo told Sports Chosun that the latter’s character might live as well as a zombie. If the producers are considering a zombie as the focal point of the sequel, Dong Seok’s character might also lead. But, Seok Woo’s appearance in the instalment will still be appealing to the viewers so even a cameo will do.

With regards to Train To Busan 2, there is a possibility that Sony Pictures or 20th Century Fox will be its producers. These two big companies expressed their desire of doing a remake of the movie as well as having the rights for the sequel. Let us wait for further updates regarding this issue.

How about you? Do you want Gong Yoo to appear in the sequel of the movie? Or, do you prefer watching a new character taking the lead? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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