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‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 6 Spoilers: Emma’s Big Secret To Cause Trouble

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The previous season has become quite a roller coaster ride for lovers Emma and Hook, having made a journey to the underworld. However, in Once Upon a Time Season 6, it seems that their relationship will once again be put to the test, as Emma is revealed to be keeping a very big secret from him.

The show’s creator Eddy Kitsis tells TV Guide that her big secret is definitely going to cause some trouble, affecting not only her relationship with Hook, her family and friends, but it will also take a toll on Emma herself as well. Entertainment Weekly also reveals the log line from Once Upon a Time Season 6, revealing that Emma might need a little more help in facing her demons, and possibly finding it in a new, yet familiar, face in town. So much for her hopes of finally spending some quality time with Hook. The two of them can’t seem to catch a break from all the drama that is coming up.

More surprises are in store not only for Emma, but for the rest of the residents of Storybrooke. From Regina unleashing the Evil Queen, to Mr. Gold’s mission to wake Belle up from her sleep, as well as welcoming the newest additions, Aladdin, Jasmine and even Jafar.

These hints leave everyone with questions: What will happen to Emma and Hook’s relationship? How will the rest of the heroes and heroines face their own demons? What will Regina do, now that the Evil Queen is free and set on wreaking havoc? And what roles will Aladdin and Jasmine play in the midst of it all? Will Jafar try and come between their relationship? But most importantly: What is Emma’s big secret?

These questions will be answered when Once Upon a Time Season 6 returns on Sept. 25 at 8 p.m.

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