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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Dante, Julian, Tracy and Alexis Receive More and More Bad News

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No one seems to catch a break in this latest episode of General Hospital. Spoilers reveal that more bad news is coming in the lives of Dante, Julian, Tracy and Alexis.

In spoilers revealed by Celebrity Dirty Laundry, in the search for the GH serial killer, Dante discovers a big clue that will help him solve the case. This is brought about after being asked by Jason whether two women – Monica and Sabrina – were attacked. Dante says that it is possible as the attack on Sabrina was similar to Elizabeth Webber’s.

Tracy, who is already devastated with what happened to Monica, learns that Sabrina has been killed. She is worried about having to add up to the bad news she will tell Michael, who has yet to learn what happened to his grandmother. The two of them are forced to deal with the grief brought upon them after being aware of the bad news, as told by Soap Shows.

In light of Sabrina’s death, the General Hospital is threatened to be shut down and when Monica wakes up, she and Tracy are determined to tell everyone involved what is going to happen.

As for Julian, it is a case of sending the wrong man to prison as the actual killer, Paul Hornsby is trying to make it seem like Julian committed the murder. Paul might even be the one who changed the warrant’s address in order to dismiss the recorded confession. The only one who could prove Julian’s innocence is Alexis, who suffers a mental breakdown on the stand.

To make things worse, Scott tells Julian that Alexis is unable to cope psychologically and decides to prove it by constantly pushing her to her limits the moment he gets to question her.

Other spoilers reveal that the fate of Ava Jerome, who is successful in blackmailing Paul, remains uncertain as she also knows about Paul’s dirty work. Nelle is informed about what happened to Sabrina and Nina meets the kidney donor for the first time.

Will Julian be able to prove his innocence? Will Paul get caught? Will Tracy and Michael be able to cope with their losses? Find out on General Hospital.

General Hospital airs Mondays to Fridays on ABC.

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