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‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival Cast, Spoilers: Rory’s Career Path To ‘Dramatically’ Change

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When Gilmore Girls went off the air in 2007 after seven seasons, Rory left to cover the presidential campaign. But this latest spoiler revealed by Alexis Bledel herself reveals Rory’s career choice in the Gilmore Girls revival series set to air in November.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Bledel revealed that while Rory is still a reporter, the field she is in is very different. She states, “She started her work as a journalist at the same time the newspapers were going away. Her field changed dramatically as she was just kind of getting up and running. So that’s where we pick up with her.”

A photo that went around online showed Rory in a classroom, which made fans speculate that she had become a teacher at Chilton. Fortunately she is still pursuing her passion of becoming a journalist over the years.

Another thing the Gilmore Girls revival will pick up on is where she left off and where she will stand with her three romantic interests Dean, Jess and Logan. Milo Ventimiglia, Jared Padalecki and Matt Czuchry are confirmed to reprise their roles in the series.

The revival series will also feature a new addition to the Gilmore Girls cast. Alex Kingston of Doctor Who fame is confirmed to join the show, according to Bustle. Her role may still be unknown, but her character is reported to have a connection to Rory.

As for Rory’s mother, Lorelai, she is set on moving on with her life. Actress Lauren Graham reveals that not much has changed for her in the revival, but the loss of her father will inspire her to move forward.

Gilmore Girls revival series is a 4-part special, with each part focusing on one of the series’ four seasons. It airs on Netflix on November 25.

Photo credit: Screencap from the Gilmore Girls preview.

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