Kevin Durant Reportedly Chose Steph Curry’s Humility Over Russell Westbrook’s Arrogance

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NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant Chose Steph Curry's Humility Over Russell Westbrook's Arrogance

Kevin Durant chose to play for Golden State Warriors instead of staying in Oklahoma City Thunder. Does this have anything to do with Steph Curry’s humility and Russell Westbrook’s arrogance?

Durant vs. Westbrook

Durant surprised everyone when he joined the Golden State Warriors this offseason. He also drew flak with his career move as players and fans criticized his decision. Kevin said he decided what is best for his family and himself at this stage of his career so he moved to the Warriors.

Clearly, his dream to win a title trumps his loyalty to the Thunder, the only team he played for his entire career. Players have become obsessed in winning a championship to validate their legacy. Superstars are forming super teams while retired players are making a comeback in an attempt to win a championship.

Naturally, Westbrook did not take Durant’s decision too lightly. Rumors that the two no longer speak to each other have spread.

But according to Slam Online, contrary to popular belief, Durant and Westbrook are actually cool with each other.

“We’re still cool. We’re going to compete against each other at the highest level. We’re gonna have fun against each other. We’re still cool,” an excerpt from Durant’s interview reads.

NBA Rumors: Curry’s personality won Durant over

However, according to a report from Clutch Points, Curry’s humility played its part in Durant’s decision to join them.

General Manager Bob Myers revealed on the Jim Rome Show what transpired between Curry and Durant in the recruitment phase.

Steph allegedly sent a text message to Kevin which reads: “If you win MVP or I win MVP, it doesn’t matter; we’re trying to win championships. And if you do win, I’ll be in the front row clapping for you at the press conference.”

Did Stephen Curry’s selflessness play a big part in getting Durant? After all, there are instances that Russell Westbrook’s arrogance and love of limelight drew negative attention to OKC.

The Golden State Warriors – Oklahoma City Thunder matchup will surely be full of fireworks and tension this coming season.

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