Boston Celtics Could Lure Khris Middleton Out of Milwaukee Bucks

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Khris Middleton rumored to be traded

The Celtics have been playing the waiting game for quite a while now. In hopes of improving their roster, Milwaukee Buck Khris Middleton might be their best bet for now.

Still no big trade

Celtics General Manager Danny Ainge has been on the lookout for trades for quite a while now. The management has gone hunting for a blockbuster trade that would definitely improve their chances this season.

But with so many failed attempts, they could at least try luring Khris Middleton out of the Milwaukee Bucks, per The former second-round pick had a breakout year with the Bucks last season. He averaged 18.2 points while being a threat from the outside.

He definitely proved many doubters wrongs with his plays. And if the Celtics still want a good run, Middleton is their man for now.

Ainge’s wants to prioritize getting good players while minimizing losses. In other words, Middleton, who can offer a lot for a relatively cheap price, fits the deal. And besides, when it comes to assets, the Celtics have the most of them.

Boston Celtics Trade Rumors – Most assets but no trade

Unfortunately, Middleton is not actually on the trading block. But if the Celtics find a way to make him want to play for them, the Bucks would have no choice but to entertain trade talks.

On the Bucks side, it does not seem much of a loss either. Assuming the trade happens, Celtics may offer Avery Bradley and Jonas Jerebko and a couple of future first-round picks, according to YIBADA.

The deal already seems sweet for the Bucks. Although Bradley and Jerebko fill in no specific need of the Bucks, they at least have more players to work with. Add in the fact that they may win big in first-round picks.

The upcoming season fast approaches. But the Celtics have yet to make that trade that will really make a big impact on the team.

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