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‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival Spoilers: Luke and Lorelai Be Reportedly Together Again

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Everyone loves Luke and Lorelai together. And now that the Gilmore Girls revival is underway, Scott Patterson gives out some much-needed spoilers of what is in store for the two characters in Stars Hollow among others.

In an interview with Bustle, Patterson revealed some spoilers from the Gilmore Girls revival, especially with Luke and Lorelai’s on and off romance. He says, “There’s definitely some fireworks there. There’s some stuff going on, let me tell you.”

Apart from the obvious sexual tension between the two, he reveals that the themes that will be present in this four-parter series will be much more intense as compared to the show. “We did some penultimate scenes. Really. ‘Cause it’s an hour and a half, they’re movies, they approach them differently…” And while the style of writing has not changed, the tone did. “Tonally, it does tend to go to some darker places, which has never been explored before, which I found interesting,” he says.

Patterson was one of the stars that campaigned to bring the show back since it ended in 2007. According to, he did not feel like he was done with the show. “I was very, very determined to bring it back…I just thought the fans deserved it. I’ve been on other shows and I’ve known people on historic shows, but the fanbase for this show is amazing. It’s a religion to them.” He says.

As filming for the Gilmore Girls revival started, Patterson found it a little hard to get back into the swing of things as he reprise his role as Luke, rediscovering almost everything about him as he first put the blue baseball cap back on again. While he does not reveal some more spoilers in terms of plot details, he is certain that Luke and Lorelai are made for each other.

The Gilmore Girls revival, ‘Gilmore Girls: A Day in the Life’ premieres on Netflix on November 25.

Photo Source: Netflix/The official Gilmore Girls twitter

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