Sylvester Stallone Reportedly Dead; ‘Rocky Balboa’ Star Died Of Prescription Pills Overdose, Says Report

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Sylvester Stallone dead, real or hoax?

Sylvester Stallone is dead? Or is the Rocky Balboa star just another victim of a celebrity death hoax?

An article on Facebook was quickly shared by fans that reported Stallone died of over dosage in prescription pills. A photo of allegedly the 70-year-old actor’s dead body being carried on a gurney was even posted as proof of his death, according to The Gamer’s Drop.

Fans were left confused when the news broke, as Stallone is actively posting on his social media – including taking photos with daughter Sophia.

Stallone might have heard of the rumor. A few days after the news broke out, he posted a video on Instagram with his daughter where he joked, “Do you think that exercise makes you live longer?”

Sophia paused to think and replied, “I think it does, actually.” Stallone continued, “So you think I’ll reach about 300 years?”

Stallone did not comment on the horrible prank, but his brother Frank eased everyone’s minds.

He posted on Facebook: “To all my fans and friends there is this rumor that my brother has died! It is totally false unless I was just speaking with a ghost. I would like to find the person who started this unfunny rumor and turn them into a ghost. We are fine and love you all. Frankie”

But what is the purpose behind the death hoax?

According the Hoax-Slayer, the post contains malware and virus that can destroy a device when a person clicks on the post. Death posts easily go viral, becoming a tool for leading people to scam websites.

What’s next for Sylvester Stallone?

Despite the proper send off given to Rambo at 2008, it looks like fans will be seeing more of the war veteran. Stallone will be reprising his role as John Rambo, as well as direct the “one last fight” of Rambo: Last Blood, to be included in the Rambo franchise that started in 1982. Another movie in the works is The Expendables 4.

Sylvester Stallone is one busy guy and definitely not dead.

Photo source: Towpilot on Wikimedia Commons

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