Kevin Love-Taj Gibson Swap Could Happen

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For their title defense this season, the Cleveland Cavaliers need a real big man in Taj Gibson rather than a stretch-four in Kevin Love.

Taj is a better fit for the Cavs than Love

It was no question that Kevin Love put on the best defensive effort of his career against Steph Curry during the closing seconds of the NBA Finals. Even LeBron James recognized Love’s superb defense on Curry during their parade around Cleveland.

It was definitely a mismatch – one quick crossover by Curry should have sent Love flying in the other direction – yet the big man kept low and managed to challenge the 3-pointer by the world’s greatest shooter.

But despite all his efforts, critics believe that Love is still unfit for the Cavaliers. It might even hurt the team’s chances in defending their title this year. They need a real power forward or center and it seems that Taj Gibson of the Chicago Bulls is a better fit.

Chicago Bulls Trade Rumors: Taj to take off rebounding responsibilities from LeBron

Standing at 6’9″ with a 7’-foot wingspan, Gibson is a reliable rebounder and shot blocker. In his 7-year career so far, he averaged 6.3 rebounds and 1.3 blocks. He also logs in 9.2 points per game via offensive rebounds and has a consistent 15-foot jumper to boot, per Inquisitr. Love, on the other hand, barely averages a block per game.

While Gibson does not boast of Love’s offensive capabilities, teaming up with Tristan Thompson in the frontcourt will remove a bit of rebounding responsibilities for LeBron James. Instead of camping around the paint, LeBron can just wait for the outlet pass and start the fast break.

If the trade comes into fruition, Gibson will join his former teammate Mike Dunleavy Jr., according to Dunleavy was acquired by the Cavs and the draft rights to Vladimir Veremeenko from the Bulls in exchange for forward Albert Miralles.

LeBron has made it public that he has long wanted to be teammates with the veteran forward. Now that it has come true, chemistry will not be much of a problem if Gibson goes to the Cavs.

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