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‘Days of Our Lives’ Sept. 19-23 Spoilers: Revenge Plans, Paternity Tests and Character Exits

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The spoilers of this week’s episodes of Days of Our Lives only promise more danger and dark places down the road for many of Salem’s residents. A very dangerous revenge plan, a paternity test and the news of a very sad exit of a character.

The spoilers on Celebrity Dirty Laundry report that Orpheus, Xander and Clyde have joined forces and will be wreaking havoc in Salem with a very dangerous revenge plan in their sleeves. But just as there is a villain, the heroes will emerge in the forms of Deimos and Victor who are set on stopping them. Even though Deimos is not exactly the most likable relative amongst the Kiriakos men, he would certainly want to take part in stopping the terrible three.

That is not the only thing Deimos has to think about either as he urges Chloe to take a paternity test via a court order. Chloe panics but Phillip thinks of a solution on how to keep their secret safe even if that means they would have to seek out the help of Kate.

Another set of Days of Our Lives spoilers revealed, also by Celebrity Dirty Laundry, that Theresa will be making her exit from the show in November. How? It is still unknown but as the spoilers suggest, a character death will happen. There were scenes filmed at St. Luke’s with Father Louis, Kim and Shane so a funeral is likely going to take place.

Fortunately, the spoilers have also revealed that Brady and Theresa will amicably part ways when she leaves in November. Despite what would seem to be a very sad exit, at least these two will remember each other fondly…at least while they are apart. There is still a chance that Theresa will still be alive as Jen Lilley stated that the show was open for a return.

Days of Our Lives airs Mondays to Fridays on NBC.

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