‘Pacific Rim 2: Maesltrom’ Cast News: Cailee Spaeny Joins the Army

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Pacific Rim: Maesltrom Cast

Pacific Rim: Maelstrom received its newest cast, newcomer Cailee Spaeny.

The role might be her biggest yet, with only indie film Counting to 1,000 as her previous acting experience. Joining the actress and singer, Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ John Boyega and Suicide Squad’s Scott Eastwood are part of the sequel’s cast as well, says IGN.


Variety reported that the 24-year-old Boyega will play the male lead as son of Stacker Pentecost’s, taken by Idris Elba. Elba’s character sacrificed his life for the “greater good” in the first film. Spaeny and Eastwood’s characters are still unknown.

There is no confirmation yet from the original cast – Charlie Hunnam, Rinko Kikuchi and Idris Elba – if they will back for the sequel.


Earth was invaded by giant monsters called Kaijus from a portal in the Pacific Ocean. They seemed to be attracted to cities where they wreak havoc. To combat these creatures, humans created Jaegars – massive robots that are controlled by two pilots whose brains are interlinked. As a result, an action-packed brawl rewards movie-goers in the big screen.

As previously rumored, the sequel will be a little bit different. It will be set a few years after the first film, where the world is Kaiju-free. There is still no confirmation regarding Pacific Rim: Maelstrom’s plot to date though.


Producer Guillermo del Toro will of course lead the creation of his Jaegar and Kaiju world. To join del Toro are producers Jurassic World’s Thomas Full, Godzilla’s Jan Jashni and returning Pacific Rim’s Mary Parent. Smallville and Daredevil director Steven S. DeKnight will helm the second Pacific Rim movie as his feature debut. Derek Connolly, Jurassic World writer, is also added to co-write the script.


Pacific Rim: Maelstrom‘s will hit theatres on Feb. 23, 2018 while filming will commence on November. Of course, more news on the cast and plot will be gathered.

Photo source: Pacific Rim Movie Official Page

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