Star Wars Episode IX Cast: Mark Hamill Shaves His Beard, Movie Release Date Revealed

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The Star Wars spin-off Rogue One is nearing its premiere this year but Mark Hamill himself is giving fans some surprising details, such as giving some hints about Star Wars Episode IX. He also shaves his beard too.

The last time Luke Skywalker was seen was in the last few minutes of The Force Awakens, where Rey was standing behind him with her arm outstretched, giving his lightsaber back. Filming for Episode VIII was completed in July and post-production is currently underway, meaning that Mark Hamill is done shooting. He has even tweeted a video of himself shaving off his beard while hinting that he is coming in for Star Wars Episode IX.

Episode IX is also the final installment of the sequel trilogy.

As told by TheWrap, the actor was at a Big Issue event in London before production ended, where he mentions that he is done with Episode VIII and then says “I’m out of work,” which caused a lot of fans to panic that maybe Luke Skywalker will die in Episode VIII.  However, he was quick to clarify via Twitter that he means that he will be out of work when Episode VIII finishes production, making fans relieved that the legendary Jedi is not going down anytime soon.

Production for Episode VIII had already started the moment The Force Awakens wrapped up with the last scene in the movie, the latter of which brought in an unexpected character death. So it is not surprising that many were suddenly nervous at Hamill’s words.

As for the release date, Star Wars Episode IX is scheduled to premiere in 2019. Aside from Star Wars, Hamill has also returned to voice an equally legendary villain in the DC universe as he reprise his role as the Joker in The Killing Joke animated movie.

Star Wars Episode VIII premieres on Dec. 17, 2017. Star Wars Episode IX is scheduled to premiere on May 24, 2019. Rogue One premieres on Dec. 16, 2016.

Photo Source: Mark Hamill’s official Twitter

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