Tom Hiddleston, Taylor Swift Broke Up: Hiddleston Walks Emmy Red Carpet Alone

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Tom Hiddleston, Taylor Swift Broke Up

Hiddleswift no more. The A-list Hollywood couple Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston broke up.

The ex-couple’s highly publicized romance quickly made headlines. News broke out just two weeks after Swift and ex Calvin Harris’ over one year relationship ended. Swift and Hiddleston were seen dating publicly, flying around the world to meet each other’s family and hanging out with friends.

After three months, the two have decided to separate ways. The reason behind the break up? It is still a question that only Swift and Hiddleston know, though there are rumors that the main issue is the couple’s relationship being too high-profile.

Rumors surrounding their break up include 35-year-old Hiddleston inviting the singer-songwriter to go with him in the Emmy Awards where he is nominated for crime drama, The Night Manager. Swift refused because she felt it is “too public.” The Emmy’s eventually happened.

As reported by Daily Mail, the actor walked the red carpet alone, furthermore confirming that the two broke up. Of course, questions about Taylor Swift is inevitable. When he was asked if they are still in good terms, he replied yes with a smile. At least there is no Bad Blood between the two.


With a guide from POPSUGAR, here is a walk down the memory lane of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s wonderful, albeit brief, relationship.

The two were first seen together around May where they bonded for the Met Gala. Both of them even danced together during the after-party.

In June, news of Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’ break up surfaced. In two weeks, Swift and Hiddleston were photographed cuddling on the beach in Rhode Island. The two confirmed the relationship by dating publicly and even flying to UK as Hiddleston introduced Swift to the family.

Moreover, Hiddleswift continued to travel the world together. In July, the blissful couple celebrated Fourth of July – together with Taylor’s squad. Tom was proud to show off his T-Swift love by wearing an ‘I [heart] T.S.’ tank top and fake tattoo. Around this time, the Thor actor also confirmed the relationship in an interview.

August was a busy month. Tom was in Australia with co-star Chris Hemsworth shooting for Thor: Ragnarok.

Finally, the relationship fizzled out. Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift broke up at September. The end of three months of happy times together.

Photo source: Tom Hiddleston’s Official Page

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