‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Star Nick Viall Sees Himself ‘Grown’ and ‘Matured’ Man

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Nick Viall The Bachelor Fourth Time

“A lot of people have relationships that do not work out! Mine just happen to be on television,” said the next star in The Bachelor 2017.

Relationships have ups and downs and some of them end eventually. For Viall, looking for love in the reality TV show did not work out for him three times. But he is not one to give up. As a matter of fact, the 35-year-old is back for the fourth time!

Viall stays optimistic despite being dubbed as the guy who poured his heart out to national TV twice. He told People Magazine, “It’s not fun knowing that people know me as the guy who professed his love for two women on national TV, only to realize that they probably weren’t the ones for me. But I am actually really happy with the way things played out.”

He adds that the past experiences actually helped him to become the person he is today, despite having his heart broken along the way. He says, “I have grown and matured a lot since my first season on The Bachelorette. I am a better communicator now. And I know myself a lot better. I never want to let the negative experiences make me too afraid to take risks in the future.”


Nick Viall first appeared in the TV show for The Bachelorette in 2014.

In 2015, Viall was again brokenhearted. Left as second place, Bachelorette Kristen Bristowe chose Shawn Booth.

Everyone thought the entrepreneur and model already found love with Jen Saviano in this year’s Bachelor in Paradise. Unfortunately, the relationship appears to not work out, though.

Saviano recently told Us Weekly that she is fine with Viall being the next Bachelor. “I am good. I am doing good. Nick is the Bachelor, there is definitely mixed emotions about that, but I have moved on, and I am doing good.”


Shooting for The Bachelor’s Season 21 is already underway. Nick Viall was seen in Wisconsin for the shoot which is going to air on 2017.

Photo source: Nick Viall’s Instagram

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