‘Hidden Figures’ Film Sneak Peek: ‘Not Many Movies Acknowledge Women’s Involvement in the Space Program’

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At the recent Toronto International Film Festival, Fox gave the audiences a 20-minute sneak peek of the Hidden Figures film. Octavia Spencer also pointed out the involvement of women in the space program.

According to Deadline, the 30-minute sneak peek of the film was followed by an open concert by Pharrell Williams. Hidden Figures is about the lives of three African American female scientists that worked at NASA in the 60’s. Octavia Spencer, Taraji P. Henson and Janelle Monae play Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughn and Mary Jackson.

The film’s plot centers around how these three women played a very crucial part in the preparations of the launch back in 1962 and spending their time and effort calculating the trajectories that would send John Glenn into orbit all the while fighting against the segregation laws in Virginia during that time.

Pharell Williams also provides some original numbers for the film which is directed by Theodore Melfi. Williams, who also serves as one of the producers of the Hidden Figures film explained why this project sparked his interest during the open concert.

“Here are the variables: three African American women, math, science, NASA. How do I not do everything in my body to be a part of this project?” Williams said.

During the screening of the footage, the film’s stars could not help but get emotional when they were to go on stage for the panel presentation, according to /Film. Taraji P. Henson explained why the Hidden Figures film meant so much to her. She says, “I’m a girl from the hood, okay. I didn’t grow up with much. So all I had was dreams and hope…If I had known about these women coming up, maybe I would have aspired to be a rocket scientist…”

Octavia Spencer also pointed out that not many movies acknowledge the involvement of women in the space program. She says, “No women, not black or white, were mentioned in Apollo 13, or any of those other movies…I’m sad that Dorothy Vaughn and Mary Jackson won’t see this thing. But I’m excited that Katherine Johnson will.”

Hidden Figures premieres on Jan. 13, 2017

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