Taylor Swift To Reportedly Destroy Exes Tom Hiddleston, Calvin Harris in New Album

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Will Taylor Swift just Shake all the drama Off? Or will a new song, or even a whole album, be dedicated to former flames Tom Hiddleston and Calvin Harris?

It is one tough year for Swift.


In just one year, the 26-year-old had two high-profile break ups. One from a-little-over-a-year relationship with DJ Calvin Harris. Next is the three-month long relationship with Thor actor Tom Hiddleston.


After Swift and Harris’ break up, news went out that the Shake It Off singer secretly co-wrote Harris’ song This Is What You Came For. This made Harris vent out on Twitter. Harris stated in his now-deleted tweet that Swift should focus in her new relationship “instead of trying to tear your ex bf down for something to do.” He even included Katy Perry’s name, who also has a feud with Taylor, further confirming that there is a conflict between the two.


Additionally, Swift got into some Bad Blood with artist Kanye West and reality TV star Kim Kardashian. Swift is mentioned in West’s song Famous, but Swift apparently did not like it and said it was released without her consent and knowledge. The feud skyrocketed when Kim posted a video on Snapchat with West and Swift’s private phone call where it was revealed that the two artists talked about the song.

Aside from Swift’s Instagram post, she kept quiet about all the issues thrown at her.


In the latest news, Swift is rumored to have her revenge in the way she knows best – through writing songs. The singer-songwriter is known for writing song based on her real experiences and relationships. Many fans are waiting on what she has up on her sleeve next.

According to reports by Mirror.co.uk, “Taylor’s blood was boiling” when the camp of her two exes were throwing shades at her. This contradicts Hiddleston’s statements that the breakup was mutual and that they are in good terms.

Swift will apparently use the new album to restore her reputation.

“She says she’ll destroy Calvin and Tom – she’s determined to get payback revealing details which, until now, she’d promised to keep secret,” the source added.

Another latest news reports that Calvin Harris just released his new song My Way where initially, according to MTV.com, many speculated that it is dedicated to Taylor Swift, overtaking Swift in her famous tactic.  Harris denied the rumor later on.

Photo source: Taylor Swift’s official Instagram

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