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‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 6 Spoilers: Rumple and Belle Have a Baby

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A surprising twist is up ahead and standing in the way of Rumple and Belle’s reunion in Once Upon a Time Season 6. Spoilers reveal that a baby is going to come between the two characters.

As the spoilers by TV Guide suggest for Once Upon a Time Season 6, Rumple turned over Storybrooke to Mr. Hyde in the hopes of getting a solution to wake Belle up from her sleeping curse without the use of true love’s kiss. That is what he will be doing in Season 6. However, it is not going to be as simple as it seems.

According to the show’s producer Eddy Kitsis, “There’s been a lot of betrayal of trust. I don’t think that’s an easy thing to get back. Now that there’s a child involved, I think you’re going to see Belle thinking about the baby before her own relationship first. They are definitely in need of couple’s therapy…What I can tell you is that there is going to be a lot of hurt and heartbreak.”

Rumple will have to do a lot more in order to win Belle’s trust back. The show’s creator Adam Horowitz explains that the reason why Rumple and Belle are such a great couple is also what seems to keep them apart. He says, “It’s because they’ve had that love between them, what’s happened to them is so terrible and ripped them apart in such a difficult way.”

Meanwhile in another set of spoilers for Once Upon a Time Season 6 by TV Guide, Regina will face off with the Evil Queen once again. Just when she thought she had gotten rid of her alter ego for good, it seems that she has survived and is coming after Snow White again. Regina is the only one who could stop her but the question remains: Will she really be able to get rid of her dark side for good?

Once Upon a Time Season 6 premieres on Sept. 25.

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