‘The Wolverine 3’: Everything We Know So Far

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The Wolverine 3

Filming for The Wolverine 3 has wrapped up last August but details about the movie are still kept very private. In any case, the film is slowly revealing some information one by one, with most of fans’ speculations appeared to be right.


Fans will soon be granted with a first look of the film. A heads-up from moviepilot.com revealed that a teaser or trailer for the movie will come out soon. Director James Mangold tweeted, “Working on it every day in edit room.” Mangold elaborated his answer to a fan’s question, “You’ll hear and see things very soon.”


Deduced from X-Men: Apocalypse’s end-credits scene, fans are correct to guess that the scene is a set up for the future plot of  The Wolverine 3. In the scene, some agents from a company called “Essex Corp” gathered DNA samples from experiments of Wolverine. Essex Corp is owned by Nathaniel Essex who is more known as Mister Sinister.

Mister Sinister is a supervillain whose specialty is cloning and has an obsession in controlling evolution.

According to BREATHEcast, Richard E. Grant was cast to play a “mad scientist.” But there is still no confirmation if he will play the role.

Originally, the post-credits scene of X-Men: Apocalypse was planned to be an introduction for Deadpool 2 but the idea was discarded. The scrapped idea led to subtly introducing the Wolverine movie’s Mister Sinister and X-23, a DNA sample intended to create a younger female clone of Wolverine.


Hugh Jackman who plays Wolverine is seen sporting an older look in the set. This led to speculations that the third movie will revolve around Old Man Logan. Furthermore, fans speculated that FOX green-lit a bloody R-rated film following Old Man Logan’s comic plot.


Hugh Jackman will be saying goodbye to Wolverine and his claws. The Wolverine 3 will be his last portrayal of the iconic role. Jackman has been gratefully playing the role for 17 years, starting from the first XMen in 2000, and says that he is ready to move on with his career.

The Wolverine 3 is expected to hit theaters on March 3, 2017.

Photo source: The Wolverine Movie official Facebook page

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