Sylvester Stallone Rumored Dead; ‘The Expendables Star’ Shares Old ‘Rocky IV’ Photos

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Sylvester Stallone dead?

Sylvester Stallone is everywhere lately – from developing comedy shows about pizza, getting hit with nostalgia, to being reported as dead.

A post was making rounds on Facebook with headlines of Stallone, 70, as dead. The “news” included details of the alleged death of the actor and even citing overdose of prescription pills as cause. Fans were shook with the heartbreaking news.

To show their sympathy, they shared the post along with their messages of grief. What they did not know is the reports are a hoax. The news are only a trick used by scammers to make unsuspecting users install virus on their device.

On the other hand, the good news is the Rambo star is alive and very busy kicking.

One of Stallone’s extra curricular activities includes sharing throwback rare vintage photos of Rocky IV, according to Maxim. The photo shows Stallone as Rocky Balboa fighting on stage with Ivan Drago, played by Dolph Lundgren, in the Cold War.

Rocky IV (1985) revolves around the fight of Balboa and the Soviet boxer which ensued after his best friend, Apollo Creed, was killed in the ring during a fight with Drago. Balboa was set to take revenge for his friend and his country’s honor.

Stallone wrote, directed and starred in the Rocky film series’ fourth installment which garnered $300 million in the box office.

To commemorate, The Expendables actor shared photos of the iconic film on his Instagram. He said the photos are so rare, even he had not seen it before.

Currently, Stallone is busy developing a few TV shows. First, a comedy based on the life of Beverly Hills pizzeria owner Richie Palmer titled Pizza Guy. Next is Omerta – a show about the mob boss Raymond Apriele, who Stallone will also play. And finally, a The Expendables which will be based on the successful movie franchise of the same title.

On top of that, Sylvester Stallone spends time posting playful videos with her daughter. He asked daughter Sophia if exercise could make him live longer – like maybe 300 years? – subtly implying that he may have heard about the rumors that he is dead.

Photo source: Sylvester Stallone’s official Instagram

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