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‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 6 Spoilers: There is More Than One Savior, the Evil Queen’s Plan and Rumple’s Mission

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The twists and turns never stop in Storybrooke for the upcoming premiere of Once Upon a Time Season 6. From having more than one saviors, the Evil Queen’s plans and Rumple’s mission is anything but smooth.

A set of spoilers for Once Upon a Time Season 6 that were released on TV Line suggests that this season will explore further the mythology of the Savior. Emma is the known Savior in Storybrooke, but she will learn that there is more than one. Aladdin is also revealed to be a Savior and Emma will have to deal with the upsides and downsides that come with there being more than one Savior around.

As for Regina, she had finally separated herself from her alter ego in the previous season. Another set of spoilers for Once Upon a Time Season 6 suggest that she will also have to deal with the effects that come with splitting herself up from the Evil Queen. According to the show’s creator Eddy Kitsis, whether or not Regina’s magic would be affected will be addressed right away.

The Evil Queen, now free and having survived Regina’s attempt at getting rid of her also has plans up her sleeve. In spoilers revealed by TV Line, she has a plan to attack the heroes with the style and grace expected from a monarch. Kitsis says, “There is a very specific thing from the past that she set in motion that comes back into play in the present.”

Rumple however, also finds out that it is not going to be easy to wake Belle up from the sleeping curse especially when he knows that he is going to become a father. That becomes his main mission in the season premiere, according to Adam Horowitz. One of the obstacles he has to go through is the god of dreams Morpheus, who will be one of the new faces coming in.

Once Upon a Time Season 6 premieres Sunday, Sept. 25.

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