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‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Surprising DNA Test Results and Failed Weddings

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More twists are up ahead as the spoilers for the latest episode of Days of Our Lives involves the surprising paternity test results as well as a wedding cut short.

A set of spoilers revealed by Celeb Dirty Laundry suggest that Kate reluctantly helps out Chloe and Philip in the court-ordered paternity test given by Deimos. Previous spoilers for Days of Our Lives hinted that Philip is the father of the child that Chloe is carrying. Deimos is convinced that the baby is his, but this does not sit well for Nicole.

However, the supposedly tampered DNA test shows that neither Deimos nor Philip is the father of the child, which leaves everyone surprised and Deimos disappointed. The doctor suggests that someone else is the baby’s father. Despite not being in good terms with Chloe, Kate is keeping her end of the deal and it is highly likely that she had nothing to do with the surprising result. She and Philip will start wondering what Chloe is actually up to.

Deimos, who is not sure whether or not he trusts the test results, will also start snooping around to get some more answers.

Another set of spoilers for Days of Our Lives via Soap Shows revealed that Theresa and Brady are trying to move on, after their wedding was cut short when their friends were held hostage and Brady’s father was shot. Theresa had also survived Xander’s attempt to kill her. The latest episode also hints that the couple will go through yet another ordeal which can determine whether Brady finds out what Theresa has done to put Xander behind bars.

Meanwhile, Eve does not think she and Justin could really have a long-term relationship. She thinks Justin is still in love with his old flame, Adrienne.

Days of Our Lives airs Mondays to Fridays on NBC.

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