‘Transformers 5: The Last Knight’ Spoilers: Hot Rod Joins Bumblebee And Autobots

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Transformers 5 The Last Knight

Transformers 5: The Last Knight release will be out soon. A video of the Transformers cars rolling in the street is teased.

Movie fans and car enthusiasts will be pleased to see the video released by Transformers. Bumblebee, everyone’s favorite Camaro, is seen leading the pack with his upgraded look.

Drift is also given an upgraded and new incognito look by Mercedes AMG GT R. In the previous film Age of Extinction, Drift transformed into a black Bugatti Veyron with blue accents.

A classic character will be making a debut in Transformers 5. Hot Rod, made famous in the original 1986 animated film, will be part of the Autobots lineup.

What must be one of the most exciting things that happened around the set is Freya. Dubbed as “Britain’s Loneliest Dog,” Freya spent the six years of her life so far in animal shelters, according to Collider.com. She has been passed over by 18,000 people because she is suffering from epilepsy. Transformer 5‘s director Michael Bay saw the article about her and looked for the dog. He then gave her a role in the movie.

Now, the dog is finally adopted by a crew in the movie. Freya will make her big screen debut with Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Additionally, the cast for Transformers 5 is confirmed for their roles. Mark Wahlberg reprises his role as Cade Yaegar. Josh Duhamel as Lieutenant Colonel Lennox. Robert Epps by Tyrese Gibson. Isabela Moner takes the film lead role Izabella. Sir Anthony Hopkins joins the cast as well.

The Autobots, comprising of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Drift, Sqweeks, Hot Rod, Crosshairs and Hound, is confirmed to come back for the fifth installment. The Decepticons’ Megatron, Barricade and Onslaught are officially in the movie too.

Transformers 5: The Last Knight will hit theatres on June 23, 2017. The sixth Transformers movie is scheduled to be out on June 28, 2019, while Bumblebee’s spin off film will be released on June 8, 2018.

Photo source: Transformers Movie Official Page

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