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‘General Hospital’ Sept. 26-30 Spoilers: Paul Confesses, Sonny Takes Revenge and Nelle Has a Plan

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The citizens of Port Charles are in for some twists and turns in this week’s episodes of General Hospital. Spoilers reveal that Paul’s confession will be misinterpreted, Sonny plans on taking revenge and Nelle has a plan up her sleeve.

As told by Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Paul admits to Tracy that he is the reason why Sabrina is dead. However, his confession gets misinterpreted as Tracy ends up thinking that he feels at fault due to not being able to catch the murderer as the resident DA of Port Charles. While Paul still feels disturbed by what he had done, he feels relieved that Tracy sees it that way instead.

Another spoiler reveals that Sonny will be taking revenge. He meets up with Jason and expresses his concern for a devastated Michael, who has been mourning the loss of Sabrina. He wants someone to pay and it is most likely Sabrina’s killer.

Jason however, does not want to get his hands dirty in a revenge plan. He prefers to sit out of this fight even though he agrees that the killer should be caught and brought to justice; so he helps Sonny in figuring everything out.

As Michael is already very vulnerable and distraught, Nelle takes it as an opportunity to set her plan into action and her move takes him by surprise. That plan will slowly be revealed throughout the week.

Meanwhile, in another set of General Hospital spoilers revealed by Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Claudette has a child with Detective Nathan West and Maxie finds herself right in the middle of this revelation. Maxie asks her to take a DNA test and Claudette agrees. Kiki decides to own up to her past and Alexis suffers a mental breakdown.

General Hospital airs Mondays to Fridays on ABC.

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