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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Claudette Takes DNA Test, Valerie, Anna and Curtis Catch Murderer

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Shocking revelations are coming in the latest episodes of General Hospital. Spoilers suggest possibly botched DNA tests, adoption and the avenging of Sabrina’s death.

According to the spoilers revealed by Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Claudette reveals that she has a daughter with Nathan. Surprised with the news, he goes to see his fiance Maxie and tells her what Claudette told him.  Maxie insists that Claudette take a DNA test and Claudette willingly agrees, offering to give a sample of her daughter Charlotte’s hair.

Claudette asks Nathan’s mother, Dr. Obrecht to do the test herself. There have been rumors going around that the little girl named Athena who lives on Cassadine Island is most likely the Charlotte that Claudette refers to. If the rumors prove to be true, then Athena’s father is Valentin Cassadine and not Nathan.

Another set of General Hospital spoilers revealed by Celebrity Dirty Laundry suggest that Valerie and Curtis will take matters into their own hands and work together to catch Sabrina’s killer. Anna is also up for solving the case as the two detectives assigned have issues with their personal lives and have not been making any progress.

Valerie’s reasons for solving the crime goes down on a personal level as she feels that Sabrina had died on her watch and the killer had tried to attack her as well. After all, Valerie and Curtis are the ones who found two major clues to the case and they are more determined than ever to solve it.

Meanwhile, Paul has one more kill to make in order to seek vengeance for the murder of his daughter Susan. His target? Monica Quartermaine, who is currently in Casa Q. Anna will return to see that Paul lost the case in convicting Julian. She will also learn that the GH killer case has worsened as with the body count while she was away.

Valerie, Curtis and Anna will stop at nothing to bring the killer to justice even if it means they will have to break the laws to do it.

General Hospital airs Mondays to Fridays on ABC.

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