Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris Drama: Swift ‘Brutal’ to Harris Says John Newman

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Taylor Swift Calvin Harris drama

It has been a while since Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris broke up, but the drama is not yet over. A pal of Harris has spoken up and says Swift has been brutal to the DJ following the breakup.

It all started when John Newman, a friend of the Scottish DJ, innocently tweeted and congratulated Rihanna and Taylor Swift for Harris’ hit single, This is What You Came For, as per Metro. Swift’s involvement in the song was a secret.

The tweet was immediately deleted but fans are quick to catch on Newman’s slip. It led to a public feud on why the Bad Blood singer was not credited in the song. By then, word got out that Swift had ghostwritten the single.

For the first time, Newman spoke about the incident to The Sun. He revealed that after tweeting, Harris almost immediately messaged him to take it down since the collaboration was meant to be a secret.

Then again, the damage has been done.

The episode followed a series of nasty now-deleted tweets from Harris saying it is hurtful to him that Swift’s team would “go so far out of their way to try and make ME look bad.” He continues to say Swift should instead focus on her new relationship, referring to the now split Swift-Hiddleston relationship at the time, rather than trying to take him down “for something to do.”

Newman says that “it did get brutal” from Taylor Swift’s side, but like Harris, he is happy to just take the backseat and let his music do the talking.

He also reveals that he is no longer in friendly terms with the Shake It Off singer. According to him, he does not know her well enough and decides to not comment any further. “She’s in another world,” Newman concludes.

At this rate, it looks like the drama between Talvin, Swift and Harris’ ship name, might be far from over. Many are betting that Taylor Swift will write about previous relationships with Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston in her upcoming album.

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