‘John Wick 2’ Plot: ‘Twice as Much Action as the First Movie,’ Says Chad Stahelski

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The sequel to the first John Wick movie is underway and as the premiere for John Wick 2 draws nearer by the day, director Chad Stahelski hints what holds for the retired hitman.

According to Entertainment Weekly, a lot of the fans who watched the first John Wick movie had a number of questions for both Stahelski and producer David Leitch, from a request to see more of the hotel to wanting to see more of the different characters. Stahelski states that those questions the fans have will be addressed in John Wick 2.

When asked how action-packed John Wick 2 is going to be, Stahelski said that it has twice as much action as the first movie.

“We took it all a full notch up as far as the driving car stuff went,” he said, adding that Reeves was really the one driving for a large portion of the car chase scene.

There is no doubt about that as both Stahelski and Leitch were stuntmen before they became directors. It also makes sense for them to have cast Reeves as well, since they have previously worked together on The Matrix movies.

So far, according to Cinema Blend, the plot of John Wick 2 is about the titular character coming back from retirement again to fulfill the blood oath to a former colleague. John will be traveling all the way to Europe to take down a group of killers who are trying to take control of the underground assassins’ guild.

Keanu Reeves is reprising his role as John Wick. Ian McShane, John Leguizamo, Bridget Moynahan, Thomas Sadoski and Lance Reddick are also going to reprise their roles.

Rapper Common will be playing the main antagonist and Reeves’ co-star in The Matrix movies Laurence Fishburne has also signed on for an unknown role.

Ruby Rose, Riccardo Scamarcio and Peter Stormare are also confirmed to join the cast.

John Wick 2 premieres on Feb. 10, 2017.

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