‘Monster Trucks’ Movie 2017 Already Expected To Lose $115 Million Before Screening

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Monster Trucks movie 2017

Monster Trucks movie coming this 2017 is not released yet, but Paramount already expects to lose $115 million.

According to Forbes, the real problem of tExhe film is the hefty $125 million budget that Paramount Animation spent on it. An estimate of around $312 million is needed to break even the cost of production, yet the film does not pose to create much anticipation to the moviegoers.

Additionally, Hollywood Reporter reveals the live action film turned out to be more of a kids movie than the intended “broad-audience title.”

The report says Viacom, Paramount’s parent company, cited “a programming impairment charge of $115 million.” It is said to be related to the unreleased film of Paramount, which is Monster Trucks.

The movie Monster Trucks is already delayed for over a year. The initial release date was May 29, 2015, but it was pushed back to December 25, 2015 and then March 18 of this year. Now, the target release date is January 13, 2017.

Monster Trucks’ plot is about a high school senior Tripp, played by Lucas Till, who builds a truck from bits and pieces of scrapped cars with the purpose of escaping his town and the life he is living there. He stumbled upon an alien creature that can hide and ride automobiles after an accident in a nearby oil-drilling site. They will eventually go into an adventure running away from the pursuit of police.

Till is joined by Meredith played by Jane Levy. The rest of the cast are Amy Ryan, Holt McCallany, Rob Lowe, Danny Glover, and Barry Pepper.

Monster Trucks movie 2017 is directed by Chris Wedge who is best known for directing Ice Age, Robots and Epic. Screenplay is by Jurassic World‘s Derek Connolly. Joining them to produce is Pacific Rim, Godzilla and The Revenant producer Mary Parent and Iron Man 2 and Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtles producer Denis L. Stewart.

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