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‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Season 3 Episode 3 Spoilers: Murder in a Sports Arena

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Things are going to get more intense as the upcoming episode of NCIS: New Orleans Season 3 has the team taking on a very interesting case. Spoilers for Episode 3 suggest that it involves a murder in a sports arena among other things.

According to Spoilers Guide, Pride and the squad try and solve the murder of a very decorated petty police officer in a sports arena. How and why the officer was killed remains to be unknown, but that is not the only thing they end up finding while investigating the scene.

The evidence the team finds in the sports arena leads them to uncover yet another case. As the Episode 3 spoilers on Hollywood Hills suggest, they discover that another petty police officer has been kidnapped. That same petty officer was last seen in Mexico.

Given the circumstances, it is highly likely that the two cases are connected as both involve petty police officers. The released stills for the upcoming episode also reveal that a SWAT team is going to be needed, and it could only mean that it is a big one to crack.

Can Pride and the squad figure out who is behind everything before the kidnapped officer ends up in a body bag? Or will it lead them to uncover yet another case altogether? Knowing how the squad works, it is a given that they will be able to save the day. Nevertheless, it will all be revealed in the upcoming episode.

Episode 3 for Season 3 of NCIS: New Orleans is titled “Man on Fire” and is written by Zach Strauss and directed by Rob Morrow. It guest stars Mario Lopez, Derek Webster, Debbon Ayer, Demetrius Grosse, Jason Woods, Carlos Ayala, Andy Dylan, Carlos Posas, Shannon Nicole and Julio Castillo.

NCIS: New Orleans Season 3 airs Tuesdays on CBS.

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