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‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 6 Spoilers: Sean Maguire Comes Back as Robin Hood, Emma’s Big Secret Revealed

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Fans of Once Upon a Time will rejoice as the beloved archer of Sherwood Forest is coming back for Season 6, as spoilers suggest.

As the spoilers exclusively told by Entertainment Weekly suggest, Sean Maguire’s Robin Hood is going to return. He ended up dying in the previous season and with the confirmation of his return, fans are wondering how exactly will Robin Hood be able to do that? The creators of the show remain tight-lipped with that question, but he will be appearing in several episodes.

Robin Hood is definitely going to come back from the dead, however. Once Upon a Time creators Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz expressed their excitement on having Sean Maguire come back to reprise his role. “We’re thrilled to have Sean back for this story arc and are excited for the audience to see what we have planned,” they stated.

It leaves everyone wondering what role will ghost-Robin be playing in Season 6 and if there will be a little reunion for him and Regina. It is highly likely that he would be seeing his soulmate again, given the circumstances.

In another set of Once Upon a Time spoilers for Season 6, as told by TV Line, there might be a death of a major character in the current season. Previous spoilers have already revealed that Emma will be keeping a big secret. Emma meets a former oracle and tells her that the visions she was seeing would be of her future, and that it was how she will die.

Kitsis and Horowitz have stated that while the show remains to be about hope, Saviors do not get their happy endings. As for who will kill Emma, that question remains unanswered but there is a chance that it could be someone who has made themselves known to everyone already.

Meanwhile, Morpheus will continue to get involved in the lives of both Belle and Rumple and Regina tells Snow White that she can now live a new story where the Evil Queen will no longer take part in.

Once Upon a Time Season 6 airs Sundays on ABC.

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