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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Tracy Knows Truth About Paul, Anna Lashes Out at Jordan, Nathan Opens Paternity Results

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The revelations keep on coming in an upcoming episode of General Hospital. Spoilers suggest that Tracy will find out that Paul is the killer, Anna lashes out at Jordan and Nathan will find out who is the father of Claudette’s daughter Charlotte.

In a previous spoiler, Tracy had misinterpreted Paul’s confession and thought he was doing it out of guilt. As told by Celebrity Dirty Laundry, this time Tracy will definitely know the truth. She overhears Paul talking to Susan and confessing that he killed those people for revenge on her rape case. Unfortunately for Tracy, Paul is aware that she heard everything and it is likely that he would threaten to kill her or hold her captive in the cabin.

Previously, Anna had returned from her vacation and is shocked when she finds out that Julian walked away a free man. She gets mad at Jordan for failing to win an obviously airtight case but thanks to the cufflinks that Valerie finds, Anna is now hot on Paul’s trail and informs Jordan about it.

Unfortunately for Paul, it seems that Tracy is not the only person he should be worried about as Michael Quartermaine also seeks vengeance for what happened and hopes to catch him.

The GH serial killer is not the only big story happening in Port Charles. Another set of General Hospital spoilers by Celebrity Dirty Laundry reveal that Claudette will ask Griffin to meet up with her. She tells him about Charlotte and he does not take it well. Claudette, Griffin, Maxie and Nathan are all together when the paternity test results are revealed.

Nathan opens the envelope and everyone is shocked by the result. Griffin apologizes to Maxie for getting dragged into another situation that involves him. Nathan and Maxie grow closer due to their dislike for Claudette but Nathan still promises to Claudette that he will protect Charlotte.

Meanwhile Andre and Curtis face off against each other at a boxing gym and Laura finds herself sitting next to Kevin on the plane back to Port Charles.

General Hospital airs Mondays to Fridays on ABC.

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