Kate Middleton and Prince William ‘Tell A Genuine Love Story,’ Says Body Language Coach

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After five years of marriage and two kids, Kate Middleton and Prince William are still so smitten with each other.

“The couple’s body language is very synchronised with the couple almost mirroring each other,” as confirmed by Robin Kermode, a communications and body language coach and founder of Zone2 and a professional training and coaching consultancy.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Canadian tour proves the two are still so into each other and their pictures together “really tell a genuine love story.”

According to Daily Mail, the couple are not shy in showing their affection towards each other by a simple touch of the elbow or holding each other’s gaze.

Kate Middleton and Prince William left their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, in the Government House in Victoria to attend their first official engagement.

On their way to the Indian Reserve Bella Bella, the royal couple was welcomed by torrential rains, as per Mirror.co.uk.

A spokesman of the Kensington Palace said that they are prepared to get wet and have a wonderful time meeting the Heiltsuk people.

Despite the cold weather, they are indeed warmly welcomed by the people of Bella Bella, found in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest.

The couple had a good time watching brightly-dressed young children performing their tribes’ traditional dances. They were also treated to a dance performance called A Ladies’ Welcome to the sound of drums and chanting by the “life givers” from the Heiltsuk community’s large group of women.

During the ceremony that lasted an hour longer than planned, the couple are seen leaning towards each other and sharing jokes.

The Duchess has a “wonderful open face” and a genuine smile fills her face, according to the body language coach. Their eye contact, looking longingly at each other and holding each other’s gaze, shows the couple are comfortable in each other’s company.

Kate Middleton and Prince William are currently in their week-long tour in Canada with their children.

Photo source: tsaiproject via Flickr

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