Amal, George Clooney Latest News: Baby Rumored Coming Soon

Amal, George Clooney
Amal & George Clooney are bracing for parenthood.

Are Amal, George Clooney ready to be parents? The impending parenthood of the two high-profile personalities has sparked much curiosity in recent months.

George’s film career has shown no signs of going downhill, while his stunning wife travels a lot. She is a dedicated international human rights lawyer who seems open to new business pursuits.

It is a complete turnaround for the 55-year-old American actor-filmmaker, who has been vocal in the past about not wanting kids. Time, and his significant other, have apparently changed that stance.

Today, George and his high-profile wife are raring to take on the challenge of being parents, Hollywood Life reported.

Amal, 38, has started the in vitro fertilization process, after encountering difficulty in conceiving the natural way, In Touch Weekly reported. The Lebanese-British lawyer who snagged one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors may have a harried schedule, but she is not about to let motherhood take the backseat to a flourishing career.

The Amal, George Clooney relationship has been one that has undergone close scrutiny, not only from fans and Hollywood insiders, but also from their detractors. It is a known fact that Amal’s representation of famous clients, notably former Maldives President Mohammed Nasheed, has gotten her death threats. She remains unfazed, though.

For his part, the Tomorrowland and Money Monster actor now also puts family high on top of his list of priorities. The celebrity couple has been married for two years now.

Like most Hollywood husband-and-wife teams, Amal & George Clooney have not been spared from malicious talk. They were even rumored to be on the verge of divorcing. The twosome has laid the matter to rest by staying together.

If everything goes as planned, expect the continuing Amal, George Clooney tandem to hog headlines, especially when the stork finally arrives.

Photo Source: Facebook/George Clooney Official Page

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