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‘General Hospital’ Oct. 3-7 Spoilers: Morgan, Michael, Sonny Seek Revenge, Anna Catches Paul

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The hunt for the GH killer is coming to an end in the upcoming episodes of General Hospital. Spoilers suggest that Anna finally catches Paul in the act and Morgan, Michael and Sonny Corinthos are all out for revenge.

Spoilers from Celebrity Dirty Laundry reveal that the three Corinthos men will end up splitting their happy family apart because of their quests for revenge. Sonny orders a hit on Julian despite promising Carly that he will stay away from acts of violence. Jason and Carly try to talk Sonny out of doing such a thing but Sonny tells them that it is only business. Dante also attempts on putting an end to Sonny’s revenge plan but to no avail.

Morgan has his own plan of seeking vengeance on Julian as well, publicly getting into a scrape with Julian at Kelly’s. Morgan is also caught cheating in college, so he is confronted by his parents and it goes downhill from there.¬†Michael is determined to avenge Sabrina’s death and Paul is his main target. Michael does have some history of being violent so it is likely that he will be out for Paul’s head.

Another set of General Hospital spoilers on Celebrity Dirty Laundry reveal that Anna catches Paul in the act along with Dillon. Paul holds Tracy hostage with a needle to her neck and Dillon pleads Paul to stop. Dillon will resort to killing Paul if he makes any further move on taking Tracy’s life. Whether Paul will surrender or die resisting remains unclear, but it is certain that Dillon is probably the one facing some difficulty as it involves his own parents.

Meanwhile, Kiki confides in Franco about her struggles with Morgan. Kiki is not sure if she still wants to be with Morgan given his erratic behavior but Franco gives her some advice. Hayden and Hamilton overhear Lucy talking to a man and find out that the board is planning to sell the General Hospital.

General Hospital airs Mondays to Fridays on ABC.

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