‘Pitch Perfect 3’ News: New Director Steps Up, Love in Full Bloom

Pitch Perfect 3
Elizabeth Banks expresses her excitement for Pitch Perfect 3’s new director, Trish Sie.

Pitch Perfect 3 is now under the directorial helm of Trish Sie.

Sie stepping into the shoes of Elizabeth Banks to direct the much-awaited musical flick is a done deal, Variety reported. No less than Pitch Perfect director Elizabeth Banks tweeted her excitement about that recent development.

Sie is a music video helmer who has reaped Grammy Awards recognition. The Step Up: All In director shows much promise that the third installment will be a really fun movie in much the same way the first two films were.

Pitch Perfect 1 and 2 cast the lead stars in roles that showed them in euphoric scenarios while breaking out in catchy tunes.

Banks remains the producer of the upcoming movie and will also join the main cast that includes Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow. Kay Cannon is also returning as writer, with support from Mike White.

Since the the second installment reaped staggeringly high box-office returns in 2015, there has been widespread discussion about the making of the third film. There was much talk on who among the cast members have signed up for the third installment, when it will be shown in cinemas, and so on.

The other news that Pitch Perfect fans have excitedly read about is the release date. Pitch Perfect 3 was previously slated for a July 2017 showing. However, Universal has moved the release date to Dec. 22, 2017, Deadline reported.

The original Pitch Perfect drew huge interest when it unraveled the story and musical prowess of lead actress Anna Kendrick, who played a Barden University freshman who wanted to concentrate on her music.

While in college she meets a bunch of musically inclined individuals and they embark on adventures and blaze a trail as they pursue and showcase their passion for music.

Apart from Kendrick, Wilson, and Elizabeth Banks, the previous film had in its cast Hailee Steinfeld, Adam DeVine, Anna Camp, and Skylar Astin, among others.

To date, the romance that has bloomed on the Pitch Perfect set between Camp and Astin has blossomed. The two celebrities are now living it up and creating their forever memories after getting married in early September. Fans are also looking forward to the reprisal of their roles in Pitch Perfect 3.

Photo Source: Twitter/Elizabeth Banks

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