‘Black Panther’ Movie Costume Revealed in Detail Through VFX Reel

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With a year and a half to go until the Black Panther solo movie, the VFX reel from Captain America: Civil War shows how the Wakandan king’s costume is brought to life from the comics to the screen.

In the VFX reel by CineSite Visual Effects via ScienceFiction.com, the Black Panther’s costume is built from layer upon layer of effects to not only give it a realistic look, but also the features that are part of the suit. Actor Chadwick Boseman wears the partial costume on set during the fight scenes. When the scenes are filmed, it spends a lot of time in post-production until the final cut makes it into the movie. Those layers even included replacing the original practical suit.

In the comics, the costume of the Black Panther is made out of vibranium weave. Vibranium is the same material used for Captain America’s shield and is the strongest metal on earth. In a scene where Black Panther fights Bucky/The Winter Soldier for the very first time, gunshots were rapidly fired at them from a helicopter but his costume is able to deflect the bullets coming at him. In that same scene, the CGI also replaced the live stuntman completely.

Of course, the Black Panther’s costume is not the only thing in the movie that is made via CGI. According to Nerdist, CineSite Visual Effects also worked on the environment shots as well as the Quinjet, the exterior of the HYDRA base in Siberia as well as Bucky’s robotic hand among other things.

So it is safe to say that the same post-production magic will be applied in the Black Panther solo movie.

Superhero costumes made entirely by CGI, when done right, can look amazing or can look like a disaster. One such example of it is the first Green Lantern movie. Marvel has not failed in that aspect so far, especially in sequences for Iron Man and the Hulk amongst the superheroes who are currently in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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