‘Fast 8′ Official Trailer 2016 Touted as Mind-Blowing

'Fast 8' official trailer 2016
‘Fast 8’ stars Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez are excited about the release of the latest film.

When the Fast 8 official trailer 2016 premieres on December 11 in New York City, prepare to be stunned.

One of the lead stars, Vin Diesel, could not contain his excitement when he stated that it will be mind-blowing.

“You will see why there was tension, you will understand the intensity,” Diesel wrote on his Facebook page.

Netizens expressed mixed sentiments about the release of the eighth installment of the film, touted as the first of another action-packed trilogy.

Avid fans have been vocal about their love for the franchise and its stars. Fast and Furious is known to have highlighted various elements that appeal to many moviegoers across the world – action scenes, romance, drama and family themes.

Indeed, it is a relatable film that has been very influential, whether to millennials, mature working professionals or those way past their prime.

Yet there were also moviegoers who were incredulous about certain scenes, like cars being flown across skyscrapers. Countless fans, since Paul Walker’s untimely demise, have also expressed how the movie will never be the same without him.

A few months after filming of Fast 8, news continued to circulate on the conflicts and ensuing social media rants voiced out by one of the franchise’s actors Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Diesel dodged questions about the reported conflict. The 49-year-old actor stated, instead, that he felt proud and grateful for the efforts of the entire cast.

“Every single one of them we brought on has shined because of their talent and commitment,” Diesel wrote in his Instagram account.

All is well that ends well. Now that Fast 8 official trailer 2016 is ready, the stars of the new film who were embroiled in controversies have let bygones be bygones.

Johnson has softened his stance on his earlier rants. Diesel has been enjoying precious time with his family.

After the Fast 8 official trailer 2016 global showing, fans will be counting only a few months until Fast 8 hits theaters – on April 14, 2017. The ninth and tenth instalments are slated for release on April 19, 2019 and April 2, 2021, respectively, Deadline reported.

Photo Source: Instagram/Vin Diesel

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