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‘NCIS’ Season 14 Spoilers: Suicide Turned Attempted Murder, Real Estate Troubles

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The upcoming episode of NCIS Season 14 has everyone wondering about the case the team is on. Spoilers suggest that as the team is on the case of a marine sergeant’s fall from a building, it could actually be an attempted murder.

According to spoilers on BuddyTV, a marine sergeant fell off the roof of her apartment building and the squad is investigating the scene. Dr. Grace Confalone has other ides and decides to open up to Gibbs and suggests that they might be looking at an attempted murder case.

As the sneak peeks suggest, the marine sergeant is in critical condition and Grace is the physician assigned to her. Gibbs and Quinn try to get some answers on the state of the patient, but Grace does not divulge anything without permission as much as she wants to help. It is then that Grace hints that they should treat it as an attempted murder. Grace and Gibbs are revealed to have previously worked together on a very difficult case when Quinn wonders how they know each other.

It is highly likely that Grace knows something about her patient, given her suggestion. Grace wants to help after all, but the code of honor she has as a doctor is what is stopping her from divulging anything more.

Meanwhile, another set of NCIS spoilers for Season 14 by suggests that in the midst of everyone being distracted by the case at hand, Torres is in search of a new apartment. Torres is still trying to adjust to his life not only as a member of the team, but also in America. It is here that Torres realizes that he might not be able to afford an apartment as nice as the one he had back in Argentina. Fortunately he has the team to help him out with his real estate troubles.

NCIS Season 14 airs Tuesdays on CBS.

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