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‘Criminal Minds’ Season 12 Spoilers: JJ in Dangerous Situation, Shaken Up; Unsub From Previous Case

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'Criminal Minds' Season 12 Spoilers

The second episode of Criminal Minds Season 12 is going to be an emotional one for JJ and spoilers reveal she will be in a dangerous situation. How will she get out of it?

Instead of going home, the team immediately proceeds to their next case for the second episode titled Sick Day. They head down to an abandoned building in Los Angeles that is burned down where they find two bodies of children.

Hotch (Thomas Gibson) may have finally found the two missing children he has been looking for. But, it is definitely too late.

The two children – Hannah, 14, from Irvine and Max, 11, from Anaheim – are both abducted in broad daylight.

The unsub, or “unknown subjects,” presumably stalked the kids. He then used a blitz attack to catch them off-guard in their low-risk neighborhood.

What irks the team is that the situation feels oddly familiar, as BuddyTV (blog) unveils for Criminal Minds‘ Season 12 spoilers.

Two years ago, two bodies of children were also found in abandoned buildings that are burned down. Unlike the recent case though, the bodies were found months apart – not together.

Reid (Matthew Gubler) focuses on the fire. He concludes it may be a forensic countermeasure or an unsub’s pyromianical urges whereas newbie Alvez (Adam Rodriguez) is skeptical on how they can be sure the pyromaniac is the same guy.

Meanwhile, JJ (A.J. Cook) is shaken because of the case, according to TV Guide (blog). “I can’t imagine what would drive a parent to do something like this,” she says.

Erica Messer, the showrunner, said, “The team suffers a loss in this one and she comes home definitely affected by it.”

JJ will work closely with the newbie Alvez. Messer reveals they will share some moments of bonding. She also reveals JJ will get in a “pretty dangerous situation” where Alvez helped hair.

Spoilers also disclose that we might say goodbye to Gibson’s Hotch in this episode. He was recently fired because of a physical altercation that occurred between him and another production staff. In the next episode, we will be welcoming Emily Prentiss’ return for good.

Soon, Damon Gupton will also join the show at the eighth episode as a regular.

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