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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jordan, Curtis Have an Affair, Sam, Jason Confront Franco

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Relationships are made and broken in this episode of General Hospital. Spoilers suggest that Jordan will have another affair and Sam and Jason will confront Franco.

Spoilers from Celebrity Dirty Laundry reveal that Jordan may be having yet another affair and this time, it is with Curtis. Curtis has dropped a few hints about his closeness with Jordan in front of Andre, whom Jordan is currently in a relationship with. Everyone knows that Jordan is not exactly the most faithful partner around so Curtis’ hints will make Andre think that Jordan is sleeping with him. It is bad enough that Andre has difficulty trusting Jordan, so when Andre sees her and Curtis getting a little friendly, he gets mad.

To make things worse, Curtis is in a relationship with Valerie and yet seems to be quite possessive of Jordan.

In another set of General Hospital spoilers by Celebrity Dirty Laundry, it is revealed that Sam and Jason will engage in a little confrontation with Franco. Sam, Jason and Franco have unfinished business regarding how they fit into each other’s lives. Everyone knows Franco put Sam and Jason through hell before, so Sam and Jason make it clear that they do not want Franco in their lives. But not wanting to see Franco around may prove difficult for Sam and Jason as the only reason he sticks around is because of Liz, who may also be trying to get back at Sam for losing Jason to her.

Meanwhile, Anna turns to Andre for comfort. Given Anna’s bad taste in men like Paul and Kyle, it is clear that she needs a good man by her side. Andre has also liked Anna for a while and the two of them get along very well together. With Anna being very vulnerable and Andre trying to take his mind off Jordan, it is likely that they will also get together.

General Hospital airs Mondays to Fridays on ABC.

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