Paulo Coelho’s ‘The Alchemist’ Movie: TriStar, PalmStar to Produce

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The Alchemist Movie Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist movie based on Paulo Coelho’s bestselling novel will finally be seen in motion picture soon. TriStar and PalmStar are teaming up to produce the adaptation of the classic novel.

TriStar quickly ensured to take the The Alchemist movie in their studio after PalmStar acquired worldwide rights of the book. The president of TriStar, Hannah Minghella, will spearhead the production. Along with her, Cinema Gypsy’s Lauren Fishburne and PalmStar Media’s Kevin Frakes will produce.

The people behind the movie’s production confessed how passionate they are of the story.

According to Deadline, Minghella shared The Alchemist is a story she has went back to over the years. For a long time, it has been her dream to “bring this insightful, magical and cinematic adventure to the screen.”

She says it is not hard to see how over 65 million people all over the world have connected with the book and its story. She also adds that she and the team are committed to adapt the book in a way to “authentically captures its power and expands its reach.”

Frakes also shared how Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist altered his life when he read it over 20 years ago. He says the novel gave him “the courage to take chances” and the “confidence to chase my dreams.”

When he talked with Minghella about creating The Alchemist movie, he revealed he knew Minghella understood the impact the novel has which made him decide to make the film with TriStar.

Fishburne, who has guided the book creatively for years, said, “I’m thrilled to be moving this project forward after all these years.”

Paulo Coelho’s bestselling novel is about an Andalusian shepherd boy in his journey to find the hidden treasure in the pyramids of Egypt.

The Alchemist continues being an international bestseller. It has sold over 65 million copies worldwide in 56 different languages and holds the Guinness World Record of most translated work by a living author.

Production for the movie aims to kickoff at mid-2017 with a 2018 release date.

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