Pippa Middleton News Update: Hands-On But Flustered With Wedding Preparations

All eyes are on Pippa Middleton as she wends her way through countless details in preparation for her altar date with James Matthews. Is she feeling the pressure?

Kate Middleton’s younger sister has been preoccupied the past several months looking at bridal bouquets, and attending to other wedding details. The thought of having Hello singer Adele perform at her wedding reportedly crossed her mind. Indeed, she has been quite “hands-on” in preparing for her altar date, Us Weekly reported.

On top of all the nitty-gritty of wedding preparations, she has been striving to stay in top physical shape. That should come easy, considering that Pippa is the athletic type. The 33-year-old fitness fanatic even writes a column offering tips for indoor climbing, trampoline and boxing enthusiasts.

However, she has “put on a little weight and is working out like crazy to get that famous bottom back in perfect shape before she says ‘I do’,” Hollywood Gossip reported.

While older sister Princess Kate is said to be playing an inconspicuous role in the upcoming wedding of Pippa Middleton slated in 2017, there may be unavoidable pressure on the latter. She did, after all, look so stunning during the royal wedding of William and Kate in April 2011.

It can be noted that adding to the pressure may be the stress created by unfounded rumors, like a report that said that Princess Kate may not attend Pippa’s wedding if her behavior, or those of people very close to her now, will not change.

Pippa Middleton has been described in varied ways – sporty, party-loving, free-spirited. She may find being in the public eye and being subjected to gossip unnerving. Nonetheless, one thing she can prove to all, prior to, during, or after her wedding day, is that she is a class all her own.

Photo Source: The MatthewSlack/Wikimedia Commons

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