‘Wolverine 3’ News: Possible Trailer Release Next Week, ‘Very Different in Tone’ Says Hugh Jackman

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At a red carpet event, Hugh Jackman hinted that a trailer for Wolverine 3 may come out in the coming week. In terms of its plot, it looks likely that the third Wolverine movie will introduce X-23 Laura Kinney.

According to CBR.com, Hugh Jackman was asked about Wolverine 3 on the red carpet of the 95th anniversary celebration of the Motion Picture Fund. Jackman confirmed that Wolverine 3 has wrapped production and director James Mangold is already bringing everything into post-production. Jackman also stated that a sneak peek will be “coming out in the next week or so…” and that the movie is going to be very different in regards to the overall feel.

With the immense success of Deadpool, the very first R-Rated superhero/comic book movie, it makes sense to go in a similar direction with Wolverine 3.

Wolverine 3 is also going to be Jackman’s last appearance as the X-man after having sported the claws for the past 17 years all throughout the whole X-Men franchise.

According to TheWrap, the supposed title for Wolverine 3 is Logan, with the promotional photo of Wolverine’s hand being held by a small child. As for the plot, it is revealed to be set in the year 2024 with Old Man Logan whose powers are fading and is sick. The hand in the photo is that of a young mutant girl, whom Logan is supposedly mentoring and has two claws compared to his three.

This could be a hint that Fox is gearing up for the emergence of Laura Kinney, a.k.a X-23. Recently, it has also been confirmed that Nathaniel Essex a.k.a Mr. Sinister is going to be the movie’s main antagonist as suggested in the post-credits scene of X-Men Apocalypse.

If Hugh Jackman is finally bowing out, then it is only fitting to go out with a big bang.

Wolverine 3 is expected to premiere on March 3, 2017. It also stars Richard E. Grant, Stephen Merchant and Boyd Holbrook. Patrick Stewart is confirmed to reprise his role as Charles Xavier a.k.a Professor X.

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