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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine,’ ‘New Girl’ Crossover Spoilers: Jake Takes Over Jess’ Car

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The New Girl gang meets the Nine-Nine squad in a special one hour crossover of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl. The promo that was released reveals Jake trying to take over Jess’ car.

According to TVLine, the synopsis for the Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode reveals that Jake is tracking down a suspect in a case and gets Jess’ help by borrowing her car. From what else is revealed in the preview, Jake and Jess end up exchanging funny stories all the while trying to catch a criminal and getting stuck in traffic. The preview also shows Jake and Jess almost getting into an accident involving a garbage truck.

From the looks of this, it seems that Jess will be getting a tour of New York that she will never forget. As Jess is now unexpectedly involved in Jake’s case, the talk Jess ends up having with Captain Holt in the New Girl episode will explain a lot of the questions she probably has.

As told by Entertainment Weekly, the big crossover continues as the synopsis for the New Girl episode reveals that Jess ends up at the 99th precinct where she encounters Gina and Captain Holt. It also reveals how the New Girl gang wind up in New York as Schmidt believes that his high school is going to give him an award and decides to bring them along. Nick and Winston are also sharing some laughs with Boyle, who is seen smiling over a little boy. Everyone knows that Boyle recently became a dad in the current season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine so the little boy is most likely his adopted son.

This is the second time in recent years that a crossover between shows in Fox happened. Fellow Fox shows, Bones and Sleepy Hollow did a special prior to this one.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl air Tuesdays on Fox.

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