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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny Plots Murder in Church, Morgan Tries to Rebound with Nelle

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Revenge is in the air in the latest episode of General Hospital. Spoilers suggest that the elder Corinthos is plotting murder in a place of worship and Morgan tries to rebound with Nelle.

Spoilers from Celebrity Dirty Laundry reveal that Sonny is still determined to come after Julian. Sonny goes to church to pray and believes that he has to take action. Unfortunately for the elder Corinthos, he is confronted by Griffin who overheard him say his plans. It is understandable that Griffin would not be pleased hearing Sonny plan a murder right inside a place of worship, so he tries to make Sonny realize what he is doing.

When Griffin and Sonny meet, Griffin questions Sonny’s faith and advises him that all he can do is to accept God’s will. Griffin’s advice might put just some sense back into Sonny. But as Sonny already placed a hit on Julian, will he be able to take it back?¬†Previous spoilers did reveal that Carly tried to stop Sonny from going through with the hit on Julian after all; so it is possible that Sonny still has time to revoke his order.

In another set of General Hospital spoilers by SoapShows, Morgan mistakes the two figures kissing behind a window of the boat house for Kiki and Dillon. Morgan does not know that it was actually Ned and Olivia getting together and ends up thinking that Kiki is cheating on him. This results in him making a very impulsive decision. That decision may be in the form of attempting to try and rebound with Nelle, who comforts him.

Meanwhile, Kiki is revealed to really feel something for Dillon and will be making those feelings clear. Alexis continues with her drinking binge and is furious when Julian shows up, possibly in an attempt to win her back. Griffin and Anna grow closer over their mutual dislike for Julian.

General Hospital airs Mondays to Fridays on ABC.

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