‘Suicide Squad’ Extended Cut Release Date Revealed: “Over 10 Minutes of Material” Says David Ayer

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Despite criticism and mishaps that Suicide Squad has gotten in, it is revealed that the movie is going to have not only a Blu-Ray release, but also an extended cut.

According to Comicbook.com, Suicide Squad is going to release an extended cut for everyone after popular demand. Suicide Squad shared the same fate as Batman vs. Superman which was released months prior and also received a lukewarm response by the fans and the critics, who gave mostly poor reviews. Still, the movie was a surprise success, even surpassing Marvel’s Iron Man movie in terms of box office sales.

As told by director David Ayer via Collider.com, the extended cut of Suicide Squad is his cut and that there’s “over 10 minutes of material on there.” Ayer also stated that “there’s no sort of parallel universe version of the movie…” implying that there will not be any universe altering scenes in the extended cut. It is safe to say that this will not be like the Batman vs. Superman ultimate edition, which revealed an hour and a half long additional footage that showed important plot points and character development.

What is included in Suicide Squad’s extended cut remains to be unconfirmed, but it is likely that more clips of the Joker might be found as he only appeared in the movie for less than 10 minutes. Actor Jared Leto even stated that there are a lot of Joker scenes that did not make it to the final cut. As the trailer shows, it will include some unseen scenes that appeared in the trailers and set photos. It might also include scenes that reveal the true nature of the Joker and Harley Quinn’s relationship.

The extended cut of Suicide Squad will be available on both digital HD and Blu-Ray (both 4K and 3D).

Suicide Squad will be released digitally on Nov. 15. The Blu-Ray version will be out on Dec. 15.

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