Donald Trump Issues After Hillary Clinton Debate: Unsavory Ploy Creates Commotion on Twitter Sphere

Donald Trump, dead
Donald Trump presents his platform during the campaign trail leading to the US Presidential elections.

In the digital age, it pays to be wary of scams. US Presidential candidate and businessman Donald Trump being pronounced dead after suffering a heart attack turned out to be another celebrity death scam post. Twitter users could not help but react.

It is “a callous attempt to draw internet users to a scam website,” Hoax-Slayer reported. Discerning online visitors just need to check leading news portals like Google News to verify if circulating death reports are true.

The same approach is recommended for fans who continue to be misled that their favorite Hollywood stars passed away. An example is the exaggerated suicide news of Brad Pitt following Angelina Jolie’s divorce announcement that alarmed fans.

Trump, 40, joins the long list of high-profile celebrities being hit by death hoax reports. Lots of haters took to Twitter to express their sentiments. Many people said they hope the controversial Republican Presidential candidate would drop dead. One netizen tweeted, “TRUMP IS TRASH! I hope he dies of a heart attack. Pure trash!”

The bombastic billionaire-turned Presidential frontrunner has been courting trouble since he hit the campaign trail. He has attacked and offended many people with his tirades. Hence, many Americans wished Donald Trump dead.

Hilary Clinton, at one instance, tweeted, “when something gets under Donald’s thin skin, he lashes out and can’t let go. This is dangerous for a President.”

Just as dangerous are the scammers that lurk online, waiting to steal personal details.  There are, of course, red flags when encountering suspicious-looking sites. When a page says that the user must update a plug-in prior to being allowed access to a news video, steer clear of  it.

The false news of Donald Trump dead reflects the tendency of some groups to use unsavory ploys to dupe people and make a profit. Among the Hollywood celebrities who were rumored to have killed themselves were Jaden Smith and Brad Pitt. In the case of Pitt, the hoax news struck right after Angelina Jolie made the divorce announcement in September.

Photo Source: Donald Trump Speeches & Events/YouTube

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