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‘General Hospital’ Oct. 10-14 Spoilers: Sonny, Julian Fight to the Death, Nelle, Kiki Talk About Morgan

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Blood is bound to be spilled all over Port Charles in this week’s episodes of General Hospital. Spoilers say that it is an all-out war between Sonny and Julian, but who will draw first blood?

According to spoilers on Celebrity Dirty Laundry, it all starts when Sonny’s hitman placed a bomb in Julian’s car. Everyone knows that the elder Corinthos has a hit on Julian, but this week that hit will end up blowing up on Sonny’s face as his son Morgan steals the car. Morgan is already on a downward spiral and partly because he is off his medication, so it is obvious that this will not end well. Thanks to Ava, Morgan is out of the car when the bomb explodes, but of course, Sonny does not know that.

Morgan will be presumed dead and missing when Jason looks through the wreckage and does not see anything. Julian finds out that Sonny tried to have him killed but knowing Julian, he is not going down without a fight and is prepared to kill Sonny before he even gets to him. Sonny is furious with himself from what supposedly happened to Morgan, but he wants to blame Julian for this as well as Sonny has difficulty owning up to it.

Meanwhile, in another set of spoilers by We Love Soaps, Nelle tells Kiki a little bit about what she and Morgan talked about. Morgan thought that Kiki was cheating on him with Dillon and he even attempted to rebound with Nelle; so this is probably Nelle’s way of getting Morgan and Kiki to talk. But given what will happen to Morgan, how will Nelle and Kiki react to his supposed death? Will Morgan and Kiki be able to talk?

General Hospital airs Mondays to Fridays on ABC.

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