Jaden Smith Death Truth On Alleged Suicide of Will Smith’s Son Revealed

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Jaden Smith

As early as July 2016, online outlets exploded with rumors of Jaden Smith being dead. The teen actor, star of such films as After Earth together with his father Will Smith, supposedly committed suicide at the early age of 18. Is there any truth to it?

Apparently none, and we have no less than popular fact-checking site snopes.com to thank for that. In their feature regarding the issue, they presented several points that disprove the reports. The most convincing of this is that Jaden Smith himself has been actively posting on his social media accounts even after the fallacious reports surfaced.

The 18-year old actor is known to be active on social media, most especially on Twitter. This is highly noticeable as Jaden has been known to frequently post his thoughts on his Twitter account, much to the delight of his followers. If the teen actor is posting long after the reports, then it is safe to assume that he is not dead.

Moreover, the “reports” appear to be nothing more than a scam. The scheme is most effective on Facebook, and it starts with one link with a shocking headline (in this case, the supposed suicide of Will Smith’s child). Upon clicking the link, an app related to the “link” will ask for permission to post on the user’s behalf. This is basically giving third-party apps free rein to post whatever junk they want on your timeline. Some did click, hoping to find out the details regarding the shocking news.

Only, they were greeted with unwanted posts, instead of actual news. What’s worse is that these are broadcasted among the user’s followers and friends, and so the spread becomes exponential. In effect, numerous Facebook users’ news feeds has been plagued with posts that boast the headline.

So, is Jaden Smith dead? A quick check on his official Twitter account says otherwise. Anyway, it is a good way of warning people not to click on malicious links or websites that look suspicious. If a headline looks too shocking to be true, it is always better to check the official sources.

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