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‘Scream’ Halloween Special Spoilers: Brandon James Still Alive

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Scream Halloween Special Spoilers

Scream ended with more questions than answers. Thankfully, spoilers reveal that we will see more of Lakewood and put questions to rest in a 2-hour Halloween Special.

In the sneak peak by MTV Scream’s Twitter for the Halloween Special, Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) is seen being escorted to his holding cell by two police officers. One of them commented Kieran looked “more like a movie star than a murderer.”

Once inside, he heard something above him. When he looked up, he saw someone in the ghost face mask.

If Kieran is the murderer, who is the one wearing the mask?

Looking back at the ending of Season 2, it was unveiled that Kieran was the culprit of all the killings that occurred in Lakewood. Also, he was working with Piper (Amelia Rose Blair). After her death, he continued the killing spree to avenge her death.

But when Kieran was arrested, he received a phone call that surprised him and everyone else. The caller was heard telling him, “Who told you you could wear my mask?”

Speculations from spoilers assumed that it is no other than the original Brandon James. Will that prove that he is, after all, still alive?

With some questions still unanswered, fans signed a petition for a Season 3. But with the previous season’s low ratings, the odds are not so good, according to

Whether the Halloween Special will tie all loose ends or be a prelude for a Season 3, MTV has kept mum as of now.

Meanwhile, fans will get a 2-hour Halloween special which will start eight months after the end of the previous season.

Spoilers reveal that after the incident, Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) finds it hard to focus on her future because of everything that happened in the past.

Meanwhile, Aubrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) is quite moving on with a new relationship.

Noah (John Karna) and Stavo (Santiago Secura) are combining their skills in creating a graphic novel based on the horror of Kieran Wilcox. With Noah’s horror knowledge and Stavo’s artistic talent, they sure can possibly do it.

Scream Halloween Special will air in October on MTV.

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